Welcome to 7G Craft & Imports!

7G Distributing's Craft and Import Team is a dedicated and specialized craft beer team serving the Eastern Iowa area. Our team lives and breathes craft and import beer and our mission is to supply Eastern Iowa's beer enthusiasts with the world’s best handcrafted beers.


We're proud to represent some of the finest breweries from across the United States and around the world. At 7G Distributing, we make it possible for our retailers to serve the very best craft beer to their customers.  We are dedicated to a close working relationship with our partners.  Our customers will say they notice the way in which we operate sets us apart from other wholesale distributors in the Eastern Iowa region.  

Our motto is "Beer At Its Best", and we take a great amount of pride in this. Not only are we distributors, but we are brand builders.  We look forward to working with you!


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At 7G Distributing, meeting our customers‘ needs is our top priority!
​Our Craft and Import Specialists understand the hours of work and anticipation that goes into each beer and ends up in each batch.  We understand the demand for a higher quality, higher crafted beer, with it's own signature. This is why we at 7G Distributing are dedicated to the distribution of these premium beverages.

Each member of our team possess knowledge and skills to guide our customers into the correct arenas of the craft beer culture. Whether you’re a new customer looking for insight on the newest and best selling craft and imports, or a longtime customer wanting to freshen up your products, our ICS team is ready to tackle the challenge. 

Retailers both large and small trust us to keep their business stocked with the finest craft and import beers that their customers choose time and again for consistent quality and value.

Our team’s #1 goal is to build and maintain relationships with our retailers, suppliers and community by introducing consumers to  our fine products through sampling, special events and more.

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